Your Time to Shine

a one-of-a-kind senior portrait experience,
 in and around Oroville, California.

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Where did the time go?

You have been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever, and now that it's here, your year is flying by! Senior year fills up so fast with activities and trying to squeeze in your senior portraits along with everything else feels daunting. You might be thinking "I don't have time for a big long session..." or "I just want pics for instagram..." As someone who is coming up on her 20 year high school reunion, trust me when I say you will be so glad you went all out for your senior year. You are going to want to share those memories with your future family, partner or even kiddos someday!

  • Not sure if you want fall or spring?
  • Waiting for your braces to come off?
  • Worried that your parents won't want to invest a lot of money?

You are Your Only Limit

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A quick phone call is the easiest way to get started. (Or DM me on Instagram) Once we know we are a right fit we will work together to dream about your session and where these portraits will live in your home. Not sure if you want a studio or outdoor session? I’ll help you decide. Each senior gets a curated experience that is unique to you!



Your session is customized to YOU and your hobbies and interests. Get ready to feel like a model as I coach you on how to pose and what outfits look great together. Focus on having fun. I’ll make sure we get images of you at your very best.



The best part...Join me at the studio to see your beautiful images in a curated slideshow that will surely give you and your parents goosebumps. I will help you choose your absolute favorite images and show you how they can be displayed as artwork or in an album in your room that will uplift you up every day.

Start The Process

You are more than pixels.

Too many seniors are living in the pixel-verse and don’t have any actual printed artwork of themselves. They have thousands of images on their phone or instagram but no actual prints. What happens when you drop your phone, lose your account or loose the link? 

I love not only curating an amazing experience for my seniors but also providing them with high-end artwork of their favorite images that feeds into their confidence for years to come.

Start Planning My Session

Meet Erin.

I started my senior portrait journey when I was a senior in 2003. Taking senior photos of my friends quickly led me to a thriving senior portrait business at 18 years old.

After having my kiddos, I wanted to up my senior photography game and began investing in myself through coaching and workshops specifically for senior portrait photography. 

My goal as a senior portrait photographer is to celebrate senior year in a big, audacious way. Senior year is a big deal. It's time to celebrate how far you've come! 

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